Our certified trainers equip athletes with the knowledge and skills they need to reach their peak performance, give them an edge over their competition, and achieve their goals.

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  • Custom Training Plans
  • Group Training
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Here at the M.O.G. we blend together the energy behind a traditional fitness club and a physical therapy office. With on site personal trainers and physical therapists, you can have support and piece of mind throughout your workouts.

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Quarterly Evaluations
  • Custom Workout Plans
  • Personal Training
  • Synergy Group Classes
  • Open Gym Hours

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Corporate wellness programs encourage healthy habits, better employee wellbeing, and increase employee productivity. Investing in employees helps build a culture of health that benefits everyone.

  • Work Conditioning Programs
  • Health Coaching
  • General Fitness and Conditioning
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We have helped hundreds of people just like you transform their lives. But don’t take it from us!

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I was starting from scratch with no muscle tone, no strength and it’s been wonderful. I feel so much better all around and I look forward to exercising now. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to go exercise and a lot of it is the MOG environment. George is constantly encouraging me and it’s great to have someone there since I have questions almost every time I go.

Megan Ashenbrener
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I go to the M.O.G five days a week and I love having the support. You can count on George for everything. It’s made me stronger, happier, able to breathe better, and it gave me a place to connect with people. I was able to come back after my knee replacement surgeries with a speedier, more thorough recovery. I’ve lost weight and am getting in condition to get in and out of my own kayak this summer!

Jeanne Stanley



For the price of your monthly membership, we also provide an on-site personal trainer and health coach to offer support and guidance with your workouts, stress management, and nutrition.


Membership benefits include a comprehensive assessment that includes BMI, body fat percentage, VO2 max, blood pressure, and O2 stats. A reassessment of those numbers every 90 days allows you to see progress.


Having a plan created by a physical therapist allows us to tailor your program to you specifically. There’s no cookie cutter solutions here.



Working the whole body using high-intensity, interval-style strength training, you’ll combine periods of high-intensity workloads and rest periods. Use your bodyweight and mixed resistance equipment to build strength with various exercise drills, working to your maximum output. Suitable for all levels of fitness, Synrgy 360 classes allow you to work at your own level.

Class time is approximately 45 minutes.


Your First Class is Free

Punch cards and drop-in rates available

2020 classes

Mon and Thursday - 6:00 AM

Mon and Thursday - 5:30 PM


George Vastola

M.O.G Personal Trainer

George knows how important it is to be healthy and have the energy and strength to do what you love. He’s passionate about helping people feel empowered in their bodies and learn the best techniques to get results. His sense of humor and ability to create strong personal connections quickly make him the kind of personal trainer you’ll want to hang out with every week during your M.O.G workout.

Christy Hall

Physical Therapy Assistant
Certified Health Coach

Since Christy works closely with CPR’s physical therapists and patients, she’s fully focused on making sure M.O.G members have the tools they need to succeed with their customized workouts. She provides nutrition and health coaching as well as encouragement and support for members. Christy performs the M.O.G assessments and teaches Synrgy 360 and Fitness for Seniors classes.

Calum Webb

MOG Exercise Physiologist

Calum has recently joined the team at MOG and is ready to work with members to reach their goals. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious as he helps you become the best you possible. He is available to answer your questions and provide the support that you need. He performs MOG assessments, teaches Synergy 360 classes, and provide personal training.


We can’t control the fact that we age, but we can control how we age.

Who will benefit most from this groundbreaking program?

  • Individuals concerned about cognitive performance as they age, especially Baby Boomers (age 50+).
  • Individuals with a family history of dementia, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's or depression.

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Community based, recreational group exercise and education program designed specifically for people with arthritis and related diseases

  • Improve range of motion to better complete activities of daily living.
  • Learn relaxation techniques to control pain and everyday stress.
  • Increased muscle strength and indurance to give you more energy.
  • Take control of your pain through exercise.

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This one on one individualized service combines movements and manual stretching. It does for your joints what a massage does for your muscles…Only better!

  • Increases blood flow through muscles and joints, and delivers essential nutrients to these tissues.
  • Stimulate the lubricating fluids inside your joints reducing the incident of arthritis.
  • It improves joint “range of motions” making your movements easier and more efficient.
  • Flexibility decreases stresses on joints, there fore reducing joint pain.

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Located by the Twin Falls CPR Office 754 N College Rd Suite D, Twin Falls

(208) 734-5313

Monday thru Thursday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM