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Written By CPR Partner: Dave Little PT, CHT


Dave has practiced Physical Therapy for over 42 years, specializing in orthopedic, hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. As a Certified Hand Therapist, Dave treats a vast array of hand and upper extremity injuries, trauma, and surgical patients.

Dave attended undergraduate college at Idaho State University and Physical Therapy School at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. He also attended additional post graduate training at the University of West Virginia for Electromyographic testing for upper extremity nerve entrapment conditions such as Carpel Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

Dave's initial interest in hand and upper extremity treatment originated as a physical therapy student while attending a hand rotation at one of Denver's exclusive hand rehabilitation clinics.

After many years of practice, studying, and training Dave was the second Physical Therapist to become certified in the state of Idaho as a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT). Practicing at the CPR Physical Therapy + Performance office as an owner and therapist, Dave quite often treats trauma hand patients that may require one or more reconstructed hand surgeries and may work with patients for several months at a time. Table 1 displays skills that CHT are skilled in evaluating.

 Table 1: Skills Certified Hand Therapist's Use

Dave receives referrals from Certified Hand Surgeons locally and at times from the states of Utah and Wyoming at times. On a yearly basis Dave attends Hand and Upper Extremity seminars including the prestigious Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center where surgeons and therapists receive up to date surgical techniques that therapists treat as well as the latest in physical rehabilitation protocols for hand and upper extremity trauma and surgeries. Table 2 shows the different medical conditions that CHTs are qualified to treat.

Common Conditions that Certified Hand Therapists Treat

Each year there are new surgical techniques for joint replacement to the fingers and wrist, advanced tendon repair and rehabilitation techniques including custom orthotic or splinting technique to protect the injured area as well as dynamic splints to encourage movements the patient cannot make. New prosthetic devices for amputated fingers and extremities are improving and changing each year, enabling patients to return to home, work, and sports activities.

CHT's have a special interest and technical expertise in fabricating and dispensing orthoses to patients. The specialty certification recognizes therapists with expertise in the upper extremity. In addition to years of clinical experience in medical education, CHT's must pass a stringent examination which includes content to orthotics.

Dave has lived in Twin Falls for 38 years and has been very active in the community serving as an original board member of The Boys and Girls Club of Twin Falls and now with additional clubs throughout the Magic Valley. Dave is active in the community with health fairs, the school district with physical therapy presentations to students.

Dave has been very active and competitive in the tennis and golf community as well as a lifetime skier, including being a previous National Ski Patrol member. Additional interests include traveling, river rafting, and scuba diving.

Expect the Best - Since we use our hands all day long, we want to be assured that you receive the best of care available to recover from any injury, surgery, or medical condition of the upper extremity.

If you have any questions please contact Dave Little PT, CHT, at the CPR Physical Therapy + Performance or call to set up a free consultation.