Message from MOG

Dear Trilogy MOG Members,

We are super excited to see our members again!  We have a planned soft-opening for May 18th, if all goes well with the Governor’s Stay Healthy order and phased re-opening.  We have started the process for re-engaging our gym members and are working through our member list and making calls.  We will follow strict rules for our soft opening, with these rules likely continuing through phased re-open and/or until further notice.  These include:

  1. ALL Trilogy Fitness (MOG) members must schedule appointments to come in and must keep appointment times, no exceptions and no drop ins.  MOG staff will do our best to accommodate
  2. No group classes until further notice and safe to resume
  3. All members entering the facility will be questioned regarding illness symptoms and exposure. Please self-check yourself before arriving ea. time, and DO NOT COME IN if you answer yes to the posted questions (see below)
  4. Social distancing is required at all times– 6 ft. Members must self-monitor their social distancing space, but staff will also facilitate movement of members around the gym and direct/monitor spacing of members. 
  5. Members are required to wear a mask when not doing cardio – check with staff for guidance
  6. Wash hands immediately upon entry AND upon exit of facility
  7. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently while in the facility
  8. Do not touch face
  9. Cover Coughs/sneeze
  10. No use of cell phones or other personal items unless they have been sanitized upon entry
  11. Family members/friends that are not members will not be allowed in the gym/clinic unless necessary for safety or health reasons for the member
  12. Front reception/coffee room will be closed for social interactions
  13. Group 2-3 exercises at a time that can be done in a common area of the facility, complete these activities, then clean equipment/area before moving on to another area or grouping of exercises.
  14. Use appropriate containers to access and replace clean vs. used items like pens, timers, and magnetic clips

For those Trilogy Fitness members not able to re-engage at this time, we will continue to provide general as well as customized home exercise programs. Click here for a general home program. Exercise packets including a band can be picked up at our clinic.  Call for a more customized home program that your therapist can develop if you are an already established patient. 

At this time. Our Trilogy Fitness members can choose to continue to freeze their memberships until they feel comfortable or are able to resume gym activities.  All staff will continue to follow clinic/gym rules regarding hygiene, PPE, sanitation, etc. and will be monitored for symptoms and will follow clinic illness protocols.

If you have any questions please call.

Best Wishes,

The MOG & CPR Family

Phone: (208)734-5313


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