Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy and How it Can Help You.. Abigail Taylor, BS, PTA, Women’s Health specialist, employee of CPR Physical Therapy is a well known practice that is often utilized as the first defense for non-invasive rehabilitation. Often, traditional physical therapy focuses on the loss of function or pain of the larger extremities such as the shoulder or knee. What is commonly missed when seeking physical therapy is dysfunction related to the pelvis as it can either feel unc...
Posted on 2023-05-02

Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Alternative Ways to Reduce Inflammation. -By Christy Hall, PTA, CHC, BS; Employee of CPR Physical Therapy+Performance             Do you suffer from swelling in parts of your body due to either a surgery or arthritis? Do you feel like you are elevating as much as possible, and the swelling still persists?  Inflammation is defined by the dictionary as “a local response to cellular injury that is marked by capillary dilatation, le...
Posted on 2023-04-04

Why you need a PT on your Healthcare Team

Why You Need a Physical Therapist. on Your Healthcare Team. With health in sharp focus as a result of the pandemic, now may be a good time to look at the team of experts you have in place and see if there are any improvements you could make. You probably have a family doctor, dentist, and optometrist. Maybe you have some specialist physicians, a trainer, or a massage therapist. If a physical therapist isn't a part of your healthcare team, you're missing out on taking care of a big part of your...
Posted on 2020-07-07

Getting PT First during COVID-19

Get PT First During the COVID-19 Pandemic Because of the closures of physician's offices, stoppages of elective surgeries, and social distancing guidelines resulting from COVID-19, many people with pain or joint issues have had appointments or surgeries delayed. If you're one of them and you haven't seen your PT yet, youshould. Here are some reasons why: Early PT leads to better outcomesStudies have shown that people who receive PT sooner have better outcomes, lower costs, are less likel...
Posted on 2020-06-02

How to improve your Unique Running Style

How to improve your Unique Running Style
How to Improve your Unique Running Form. By McKenzie Redd, DPT With the beginning of the New Year, January often means the beginning of new resolutions, most often related to health and fitness goals. Running is a common activity incorporated into new resolutions, however it is also one that can involve injuries, setbacks, and if not done correctly. Most running injuries are related to change in activity, whether that's overuse or increase in mileage ran. However running form plays a significa...
Posted on 2020-01-10
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