About our Clinic:
The Center for Physical Rehabilitation (CPR) is a locally owned and operated rehabilitation agency, providing quality rehabilitation to the Magic Valley for over 25 years. We are dedicated to a comprehensive and effective approach to the management of work injury and prevention, and understand the important relationship between industry and medicine.  Our programs can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your current worker Health and Safety programs.

About our Occupational Health Programs:

WorkWell Systems: CPR has adopted the Workwell Systems, a complete, comprehensive, and effective approach to the management of work injury and prevention. Workwell has internationally recognized methods in reduction of work disability that are compliant with OSHA and ADA.  Workwell has standardized and valid tests with ongoing outcome studies.  Our therapists are certified with Workwell to provide a complement of services.

Atlas LogoAtlas Ergonomics: CPR has also partnered with Atlas Ergonomics and is a part of their nationwide network of sevice providers.  This allows CPR to provide addtional services and resources to the Industries in the Magic Valley. For more informaiton on these services visit

PGAPTM: CPR provides Progressive Goal Attainment Program services as well.  PGAP is considered the first disabliity prevention program specifically designed to target psychosocial risk factors for occupational and non-occupational disablity.  The primary goals of PGAP are to reduce barriers to the rehabilitation progress, promote re-integrations into life role activities, improve quality of life, and facilitate return to work if appropriate. Click a link below for more information.

R.E.A.L.M. (Rehab, Exercise, And Lifestyle Management):  A workman's compensation patient transition program.  This program is designed to transition a work comp patient to a medically supervised exercise program. For more information please click the links below

We believe in a comprehensive industrial program that focuses on matching the worker to the work. Additionally, CPR can provide specialized hand rehabilitation and bracing provided by the only Certified Hand & Physical Therapist in the Magic Valley. We can provide a full complement of services, or enhance your current safety programs by providing various services such as:


ERGONOMIC ANALYSIS                                                        POST-OFFER SCREENS

WORK CONDITIONING                                           INJURY PREVENTION EDUCATION

ON-SITE THERAPY                                               CERTIFIED HAND REHABILITATION




In worker’s compensation, the cost of failure is a work injury which leads to benefit costs, lost productivity, service interruptions, and management distraction. When it comes to protecting a company’s biggest asset – it’s employees, it takes management leadership, employee engagement and preparation to understand and change the total economic impact of worker health and safety. Protecting employees and preventing injuries is not just a smart financial decision, it’s the right decision.

Unfortunately, too many companies spend most of their money fixing the failure of work injury after the fact. Most companies see this as the “cost of doing business”. Great companies, however, base their workers compensation interventions on the 1-10-100 principle: It costs $1 to prevent a failure, $10 to find it in the factory, and $100 to fix the failure in the field. Spending $1 to avoid a $100 problem makes sense…the earlier the problem is avoided or prevented, the less costly it is. Building quality into injury prevention is just like building quality into other products or services.

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