dorsaVi at CPR

New Technology Arrives at CPR

CPR has recently begun implementing dorsaVi wearable movement sensor technology in the clinic. DorsaVi is a system that uses sensors that are stuck to your shins to monitor what the legs are doing; where and how fast they are moving in space. The sensors then send that information to the computer and we can see what’s happening immediately!

DorsaVi sensors
Dorsa Vi Running  

We are currently using dorsaVi to evaluate running form and mechanics of the lower extremities during a variety of tasks such as squatting and jumping.  We can then use this data to help:

  • Pin-point movements that increase someone’s risk for injury,
  • Identify the cause of pain,
  • Monitor progress of treatment,
  • Assess readiness to return to running, sports, or just normal daily and work activities after an injury. 

Who can benefit from a dorsaVi movement evaluation?

  • Those who are currently active and just want to evaluate the efficiency of running or hip/knee mechanics.
  • Those with injuries to foot/ankle, knee, hip or even low back before returning to sport, exercise or normal recreational activities.
  • Before returning to sport or fitness routine after injury or surgery.   
  • Sports teams who want to assess injury risk for athletes.

Check out dorsaVi in action!

Lindsey Ketterling, DPT, CSCS

-Article written By Lindsey Ketterling, DPT, CSCS 

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