Cycling in Twin Falls

4 of My Favorite Cycling Routes near Twin Falls:

                                                                            by Andrew Graham, DPT at CPR


 I am an avid road biker. Having moved here in November, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting acquainted with the beauty of the Magic Valley while pounding out the pavement.  If you are new to biking, or new to the area here are a few of my favorite rides.

 1. Following the paved path along the rim of the canyon: please see map of potential options,

Park in the parking lot of Sportsman’s Warehouse and follow the path along the trail in either direction. This route provides safety from traffic, enjoyable scenic views of the beautiful canyon, and an opportunity to get to know your bike and gear before you head out on the roads.


 2. Hunt Loop: ~24 miles, please see map online:

Park at the Travelers Oasis Truck Plaza located in Eden. Park and head north on the main road for approximately 7 miles, until you reach the crossroad named - “Hunt Road”. Turn right onto Hunt Road (N/E direction), and ride approximately two miles where you will pass directly through the old memorial of the “Minidoka Internment Camp” that was in operation in the mid 1940’s. This ride is fairly flat with some rolling hills.

 3. Rock Creek Canyon: ~42 miles, please see map online:

Up for the challenge? If you’re like me and enjoy finding the few hills that are located in the area, head to Rock Creek Canyon for a challenging, and scenic, ride to the top of Magic Mountain. Drive to the “Rock Creek General Store”, located on 3800 E, out just past Hansen, park and head for the hills!! 3800 E will take you right to the top of Magic Mountain. Provided in this ride is a 21 mile ride to the top of the mountain, followed by an enjoyable descent back to the general store. The scenery in this ride is much more enjoyable compared to most located around the area.

 4. River road: ~16.2 miles, please see map online:

This ride begins out near the Buhl area, just north near Clear Lakes. You can begin this ride where River Road intersects with Clear Lakes Road. You follow River Road until it reaches HWY 30, and if your feeling brave and up to it, venture on up the HWY until you reach Hagerman. However, throughout this ride you can enjoy a scenic pathway that follows the winding Snake River with the road providing some rolling hills along the way to make it slightly more challenging.