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Women's HealthWomen's Health

At Center for Physical Rehabilitation we provide personalized therapy for effective results. Our women's health program provides highly-effective, individualized treatment for physical dysfunction in the pelvice, abdominal, hip and low back regions.  We work to correct activity dysfunction and pain that can occur as a results of life changes, such as having a baby.

Treatment May Consist of:

  • Education & preventative measures before childbirth to help ease pain associated with pregnancy and strengthening to account for body changes.
  • Education of pelvic floor anatomy & function.
  • Exercises or relaxation of pelvic floor and associated muscles using biofeedback.
  • Instruction in bladder/bowel optimization.
  • Bladder re-training exercises and helpful lifestyle modifications for urinary leakage.
  • Gentle internal/external hands-on techniques, as indicated, including stretching, soft tissue massage & joint mobilization.

What to Expect:

  • An extensive review of your condition, including a client-centered comprehensive internal and external assessment as indicated.
  • Evaluation of how the body, brain, environment and activity demands which cause over or under utilizing the pelvic floor and related muscle groups.

Common Symptoms:

  • Pain located in groin, pelvis, low back or hips
  • Pain with bowel movements or intercourse
  • Vaginal pressure due to prolapse
  • Problems with urination
    • Weak urinary stream
    • Frequent urination or incontinence
    • Pain or burning with urination
    • Incomplete emptying of the bladder  

Conditions We Treat:

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Issues
  • Pre-Pregnancy Education and Preventative Measures
  • Stress, Urge and Fecal In-continence
  • Pelvic Pain, including hip & low back pain
  • Organ Prolapse
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Post-Cessarian Section Scar Mobilization
  • Lumboscaral/SI Joint Issues.

If you or your patient suffers from pain located in the groin, pelvis, low back or hips; has difficulty controlling uriniation or bowel movements; or has vaginal pressure due to prolapse, send them or come see us at CPR!  We provide assistance to help our patients move towards a more active lifestyle and improve their quality of life!

Sami Ashenbrener, DPT

If you have any questions about treatment offered, please contact Sami Ashenbrener, DPT at CPR. 

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